Placenta Encapsulation!

I would like to extend my Thanks & gratitude for choosing All About you doula birth support, it is an absolute honour and privilege to be encapsulating your beautiful placenta. It is my hope that in providing this service for you, all the amazing benefits reported by other women that have encapsulated before you will be experienced during your postpartum.

Human Placentophagy, or consumption of the placenta, is defined as “the ingestion of a human placenta postpartum, at anytime, by any person, either in raw or altered (e.g., cooked, dried, steeped in liquid) form”
— Human Placentophagy - Wikipedia

The art of placenta encapsulation & act of placentophagy is quickly becoming a mainstream occurrence in today's society. Numerous mama's around the world are reaching out to educate and research the role the placenta plays for themselves and others during the postpartum period. Studies are now being explored due to the rising interest by women and preliminary evidence has been found to show placentas to contain significant iron stores and relevant hormone levels. Whilst these findings are very exciting we have to ask ourselves this common sense question,  

Why are we the only mammals on the planet to not consume our placenta?

There are two methods of encapsulation, both are equally acceptable preparation methods but it is simply a personal preference to the individual.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Method (T.C.M)

T.C.M is the preparation & processing of the placenta by way of gently steaming ( usually with "warming" herbs like ginger or chilli ). it is then dehydrated and ground to a powder form to be placed into vegan capsules for ingestion by the postpartum mama.

It is said in some cultures that this process brings sacred balance to the woman by way of bringing back the warmth to the energy of the placenta by steaming it to then compliment the cooler energy of the now empty womb.

The historical intention of this process is to return back to the mama all the nutrients, hormones, iron & proteins retained in the placenta after birth. In turn helping in the restoration of the mama's emotional and physical state of equilibrium. It is believed by many to possibly reduce the risk of "baby blues" and or "PPD". To increase milk production, a reduction in postpartum fatigue, even a reduction in healing time. Women who are embracing placentophagy are more or less reporting a general feeling of wellness or good health during the postpartum period.   

RAW Method.

The raw method is quite popular with many mama's due to the overall yield of capsules being higher, this is simply due to the skipping of the steaming process. By steaming the placenta you are lightly cooking the placenta which in turn reduces its size and nutritional value. A raw placenta is dehydrated slower at a slightly lower temperature to maintain nutritional integrity. It is then processed to a powder form and placed into vegan capsules ready for ingestion by the postpartum mama.


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Please allow 24 - 72hrs for Collection, Processing & Delivery.

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Placenta Packages!


Raw Mini  - $250

Processed, dehydrated, ground & placed into vegan capsules.


T.C.M Mini - $270

Processed, steamed (optional "warming" herbs), dehydrated, ground & placed into vegan capsules.


Raw Keepsake - $300

Processed, dehydrated, ground & placed into vegan capsules. Dehydrated cord keepsake, framed placenta print.


T.C.M Keepsake - $320

Processed, Steamed (optional "warming" herbs), dehydrated, ground & placed into vegan capsules. Dehydrated cord keepsake, framed placenta print.


Clients Obligations

The responsibility remains with the client to communicate with All about you doula birth support when labour commences so I can organise to be available for the collection of the placenta asap after birthing. if this does not occur it may delay the collection & processing time of the placenta.

The sooner I have your placenta the quicker it will be returned to you!

I also ask that the placenta is either bagged or placed in a clean suitable container and sufficiently cooled immediately (either in a fridge or on ice) ready for collection.

If stored on ice it is recommended the ice is frequently topped up to ensure adequate cooling temperatures are achieved.

if in the event there is to be a large delay I would recommend the above instruction and to then freeze until such time as collection is possible.

The release of the placenta from the  hospital (if this is the place of birth) is also the responsibility of the client to organise.

Collection & Delivery is accommodated to both Home & Hospital births.

Servicing the following hospitals RBWH, Mater Mothers (public/private), Greenslopes, Sunnybank, Wesley, North West, Redlands (public/private), Logan, Beaudesert, GCUH, Gold Coast Private, Pindara, John Flynn, Tweed.

Collection & return delivery is inclusive within a 1 hour/60km radius of my base location outside of this will be an additional $25/15min travel charge applied. 




Payment for Placenta Encapsulation requires a NON-REFUNDABLE ($50) deposit to be paid upon booking. 
All About You Doula Birth Support reserves the right to refuse processing of placenta if monies remaining are not paid by 35wks gestation.



Placenta Encapsulation Request Form

Please allow 24 - 72hrs for Collection, Processing & Delivery.

Please Complete Form & Submit