Positive Birth Movement - Gold Coast & Logan

Good beginning’s make a positive difference in the world, so it is worth our while to provide the best possible care for mothers & babies throughout this extraordinarily influential part of life.
— Ina May Gaskin


The positive birth movement is a not for profit global network of facilitated community antenatal discussion groups. These meetings are often organised by local birth professionals however can & are frequently facilitated by spectacular women that are wholeheartedly inspired to educate women about birth as a positive experience. 

These meetings provide a safe, open minded, judgement free space for all pregnant & postpartum women & partners (regardless of their background, values, beliefs or choices) to join one another sharing their thoughts, feelings & their personal insights on childbirth. 

Each meeting we will endeavour to cover nominated topics relating to birthing, you are welcome to share as much or as little as you choose. during these meetings personal experiences & idea's are shared giving the opportunity for self reflection to hopefully help you consider your wants and needs for the duration of your very own personal birthing journey. It may also give you an opportunity to look at any fears or negative expectations you may have and brainstorm with the group to address these concerns. 

Positive Birth Movement groups aim to complement your existing ante-natal input and they do not seek to replace medical advice. Before taking any action based on information you have received in a Positive Birth Movement group, please speak to your Health Care Provider for their professional opinion.

As PBM meetings are community based they are also a fabulous way to build networks of lasting friendships & support pre & postpartum in your local area, these meetings usually are accompanied with light snacks, tea & coffee. (optional of course)


2018 Meetings-To be advised

Oxytocin During Birth & Bonding with your Baby

Birth Planning 

Human & Birthing Women's Rights

Caesarean Birth 

Please feel free to bring a plate if you love to bake, the venue is also completely child friendly. 

It is my pleasure to be able to facilitate these meetings for the birthing families of Gold Coast & Logan.

if you require any further information please pop through an email & I will get back to you ASAP.