A Little Bit About Mama T

Congrats to you and your beautiful family or your beautiful family to be with your upcoming birth.

I think introductions are in order, my name is Tamara Pick I am a wife to a fabulously supportive husband and mama to 4 simply incredible children.

Life is good and I honestly couldn't imagine it any differently, my husband and I are both self employed giving us both the flexibility for family and our clients alike.

We are always busy doing something but love our downtime too, the beach is a massive fave for us as is bushwalking  and  my new found friend is Pole Fitness (secretly the best decision ever!).

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So Why Become a Birth Doula?

 On a personal level there is nothing  more comforting than having someone with you that has been where you're heading.

 so many things go into making the right Decisions for our own personal journeys.

 The spectacular part in hiring me as your Birth Doula is having confidence in the knowledge your Doula has experienced birth to its fullest.

birthing your babies will be one of the most powerful, raw and vulnerable chapters you will ever experience in your life and can be a rollercoaster of emotions for yourself and your chosen circle of support.

Birthing My Babies!

All four of my babies entered into this world in their own unique ways and individual styles, much less to say birthing babies is unpredictable  with many variations.

My first experience with birthing was definitely quite the eye opener and whilst it wasn't the most pleasant of Inductions ultimately ending with a Caesarean Section, once I was able to wrap my head around what had just happened to me the fire in my belly was lit!

I then went onto successfully birth 3 VBAC babies!!!

I have learned so many things about the birthing world and myself but the standout for me is definitely the value in Continuity of Care and the imperative nature of  knowing your birth team and support circle are all on the same page as you.

Every woman deserves to have the pregnancy, birth and postpartum of her choosing no matter what that looks like  and the number one rule is,


It's your body, Your mind & your choice!


As your Birth Doula it is my priority to have you walk out of your birthing space completely comfortable and at peace with every decision made throughout your birth.